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Latest Fan Arts - many series!

There's one KKM, and the rest is a mix.

Within you will discover...

Kyou Kara Maou
Kingdom Hearts
Final Fantasy
Shadow Hearts
Lost Odyssey
Sailor Moon

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DeviantArt keeps me soooo busy! XD

Lost in Odyssey - WOOT!

Wow, I have now played Lost Odyssey THRICE! Damn. Has anyone here given that game a go yet??? *eager*

Oh, and during my holidays I replayed - well, partially replayed - quite a lot of my JRPG collection. I would usually give up half way through, once the nostalgia trip had warmed off. The only one I managed to complete again was KH. My theory is, unlike the other games, this mo'fo can be pretty challenging.

As for other stuff...not that much to tell. Been played with my Nikon D90 quite a bit. Loving this photography stuff.

I've also been stalking 4chan, and been hanging out on DeviantArt.

I finally watched Firefly. It was, y'know, ok. It deserved more than one season, that's for sure. I'm pissed about a certain death in Serenity, so I may hold out on seeing that just yet. There's only so much heartbreak a fangirl can stand! >.<

And in other geeky news, I have watched all of the Red Vs Blue DVDs several times now, including commentaries, and am so hooked! I don't like these sorts of games. I ship Caboose/Donut, and Tex/Church (as if anyone else could stand either of them :P). Yay!

Lost Odyssey Fan Art Dump

Been a while since I posted, I hope you enjoy my offerings. They're all Lost Odyssey related, sorry! It's my prime fandom now. And sadly it's not a vibrant fandom, so it needs a lot of attention from freaks like me.

My name's kawaiiamethist at DA, in case anyone else has an account with themCollapse )

This is where it gets a lil naughty. One's a comic page involving Ming and Jansen on their first married morning together, and the other two are softcore porn of Jansen and Tolten (er, not together, that can be a future pic ^_-).

Not entirely worksafe...oh, and I take H n Y requests as per usual, though now the quality is like, half decent ^_-Collapse )

Wolf and Frog

I've put this everywhere, so why the hell not my LJ? >:D

I did a Wolfram fan art...in copic. And he's clothed.

Believe it or not, but I've turned over the leaf and decided to not draw so much of the pron anymore. As it turns out, your audience it wider if you do at least PG13 - go figure. :P

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More artsy stuff

I worked on two more pictures today, both have absolutely nothing to do with Jansen OR Ming :D They gave me the opportunity to play with new art supplies, so each is in a different media.

Kaim's Bound Wings

Cooke is KELOcool

I am on quite a roll >:DCollapse )

2 new Lost Odyssey pix

If you own an Xbox360, do me a favour and play Lost Odyssey - my arts will make sense then! ^^0 It's a JPRG, we all like JPGs, right???

Anywho, below are previews of the new pics...

Blue Ming

My Guy

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Woo, blast from the past. I've been extremely busy with TAFE studies - I'm doing Screen and Media - so I haven't had much time for stuff like livejournal. But I plan to change that and make some time!

I'll do a detailed post later of what I've been up to lately. For now I present to you with a "Lost Odyssey" fan art, so you can see where my skills are at. Since I have improved with the copics, I can see to getting those requests attempted.

A Moonlit Treat - semi worksafe, not hentaiCollapse )
Been playing some more for the past few days and omg, I am accomplishing things I never thought possible! XD Here's a run down of the fun I've had collecting and powering up the weapons:

Fucking chocobo race took me at least 4 hours. Pure torture, but an addictive mini game.

Piece of cake. Collecting the fiends in Mt Gagazet and defeating Belegime's aeons was too easy.

Counting lightning strikes wasn't helping me dodge 200, so I didn't count and just did it for 20 minutes. It was easier than I thought it would be.

Collecing fiends was boring, but easy. I managed to get his weapon last time I played.

I hated all that running around I had to do in the desert to find those damned cactuars, even with no encounters and info on where to find them. I wanted that friend sphere too, I made sure I won the game of red light green light with each guardian, so I did some saving and reloading. Only 2 gave me issues, especially the one in the whirlpool who had a nasty habbit of eating up my time by watching me for lengthy periods.

Touching all the blue butterflies within time was as frustrating as collecting balloons for Tidus, but I managed it in about 2 hours. I found the ones near the bird guy was the easier of the two courses, it was only that last corner that would stuff me up. The second course was a lot harder for me, with some of the red butterflies moving around. What made it worse was that I would always be a second or two away from the final blue butterly when time would run out! There are no words for the relief I felt when I finally got his sigil!

His isn't powered up yet, I need the Jupiter Sigil, which I will be getting today. I have the World Champion and the Jupiter crest, though.

@ ~ Blitzball ~ @
To get Wakka's stuff you need to play blitzball, which I only ever played ingame when you were forced. What a lousy introduction to the game!  I have all his reels and the weapon, I just need to play two more leagues to get the sigil. Anyway, I collected some decent players and am actually kicking much ass in the game!

Here's my line up: Tidus / Brother / Naida / Botta (chose a random Auroch) / Ropp / Nimrook (formerly Jamal). I don't have any particular strategy to winning games, I just play aggressively and rely on Tidus and Brother to score goals. Naida's an excellent midfielder. She has great stats, but can't shoot for shit, so I use her to get posession of the ball. She has the highest level so far.

Here's what I think of the other teams:
Al Bhed - Oh, how I loath those bastards! They're fast and know what they're doing. I found it difficult to win against them at first. They've made some changes to their line up, so now they're a lot easier. I also signed on their star goalkeeper, which has afforded me much satisfaction >:D

Kilika - Retards. OK, totally unPC, but they're just sooooooo pathetic! They're one of my two favourite teams to play because I can just coast through the game and get a lot of pass around done to garner exp.

Luca - Sometimes they're good, sometimes they're bad. I don't have strong feelings towards them.

Ronso - Slow and stupid. I once scored 8-0 in a game against them.

Guado - They're up there with the Al Bhed for being annoyingly skilled. It isn't that I can't win against them, I just need to work a little harder. Unlike the Al Bhed, they haven't slowed down.

200 lightning bolts, WOO!

Final Fantasy X

This morning, just before work, I dodged a total of 283 consecutive lightning bolts in Final Fantasy X! >.< FUCK YEAH! You needed 200 to get Lulu's Venus Sigil, the harder of the three items needed for her ultimate weapon, Onion Knight. After work I'll grab the Venus Crest from Guadosalam and power up her weapon.

Dodging lightning bolts actually isn't hard to do, it's just boring, so it's easy to get distracted. I found even counting in lots and taking rests to be distracting, so I decided to just not count and go at it for 20 solid minutes. And it worked!

My Creepy Hobbie

I spent my weekend in Narrandera, a country town about seven hours away. We stayed with relatives, it was ok. On Saturday we drove around checking out garage sales, and in the afternoon I spent a few hours at the graveyard taking pictures with my iPhone. Naturally I was only interested in the older section, which barely had any grass growing (as opposed to the newer section) and held plenty of rotting tomb stones from the 1800s. It's a shame a lot of them didn't say how the person died. A few died of consumption, and one 19 yr old drowned in a lake while bathing. I think my favourite graves are the makeshift ones, like one with a cross made of banged together metal and 2 wooden crosses with 2 Carter boys who died at birth, and next to it 2 Carter girls who died at birth.